Enjoy the rare phenomenon of rain-less monsoon

That made me enjoy the rare phenomenon of rain-less monsoon. But there was a faint trace of apprehension somewhere.Because in 2017 and 18 there was almost a similar lull before the holocaust. Let it be different this time.But the climate is playing truant the World over. In the USA and Canada instead of the expected cold wave it’s heat wave that they are going through.On 1st July the Nawasib city in Kuwait recorded 53.2 degree Celsius temperature the hottest the World over.In Chennai (my good old Madras) the ground water level has gone down alarmingly, in some places by nearly a metre. Ominous I should say. But then the mushrooming of concrete jungles in erstwhile waterbodies is not accidental.I distinctly recall the landscape of Besant Nagar, Velacherry, Ayanavaram,etc. Not too long ago…..all lost . The growth of the city had to pay a heavy price. Inevitable though. The Shanghai Tower is 632 meters and the J Hotel occupies the top floors of the Tower making it the highest hotel on Earth.While standing atop the adjacent Pearl T.V Tower Observatory at a height of 351 metres with a glass outer floor I thought that’s the limit. Not for the Chinese.The other day I was on a rare day flight from Dubai to Kochi that afforded me a chance to witness the newborn cloudlets growing up so fast to spread a fluffy blanket around and about my plane.That was not all. I saw the mesmerizing white sands of the tailend of the Sahara desert skirted by the deep blue waters of the Arabian Gulf.But before I could capture the enticing vista the plane veered around and I lost a golden chance. But of course there is a next time. And a better time….hopefully.I had my first dose of Covishield Vaccine . It came to me so to say. And for a frequent traveller that I’m, there was no escape despite being Covid-proof.My next BOOK is going to be in Malayalam. It will be an anthology of a meandering maverick bird of passage. (That’s ME !)To hell with Covid and the book should be out before the year is out. Let’s see.Before I wind up, a bit of Indian history. It was Gandhiji who gave the title SARDAR to Vallabhai Patel in recognition of the brilliance in organizing the Bardoli Sathyagraha of 1928, a landmark event in the Civil Disobedience Movement (that would be SEDITION today, WHAT AN IRONY !)Patel died on 15th December 1950, just about 3 months after P M Modi was born on 17th September 1950.Patel did not get a chance to contribute anything to Independent India.Before the Old History Texts are banished, somebody should look up for a V P MENON and his Patel connection and erect at least a small statue as a memorial. Unlikely because he had the wrong surname.Nobody in the present generation has any idea about all this because most of them were born after Patel died.BJP itself was born in 1980. Of course I’m talking about real Indian history that I studied and did research in and still remember vividly not the rewritten one.Enough for now and let me get ready to celebrate my Angel’s Happy Birthday. See you next week.