Haunting memories

I’m busy with the organization of our next Alumni meet. That invariably takes me back to the school and college days….not years but many decades back.

Every moment of those days comes back to haunt me and the resultant restlessness lasts for everafter….

Quo Vadis was the first English movie I saw.

AVAN VARUNNU was my first Malayalam movie.

Avvayaar was my first Tamil movie.

All these I saw sitting on the floor in a temporary theatre in my village. I could save only that much money out of my difficult to come pocket money.

And ticket cost was 2 Annas ! (Later became 12 paise).

I knew all songs and almost the entire dialogues by heart which became handy during the Summer vacation . We used to act various roles in our play time which was almost a 60 day affair. Without break…..

All gone……

The library which was our den for decades has been closed down and the village renowned for cultural heritage has been taken over by drug peddlers and gamblers and I have left the place for good.

But the haunting memories are so magnetic that an occasional anonymous visit to the locations of my childhood memories is now a routine exercise…..but very painful !!!!