It is another Womens’ Day.

Mother, sister, wife, daughter, friend…..she plays so many roles and none can say which is more important . All roles are needed to make the World go round. But if you ask me, I would place the role of MOTHER above all else. Here is my homage to all MOTHERS.

Mother I salute you

she’s the epitome of everything
that’s kind and tender;
the giver of life
life’s joys and
awareness of the worldly existence.

She starts educating
before one knows what it’s.
In every drop of the nectar
she lets the babe suckle
she indeed is passing o’er
not just the nutrients
but all the inputs
for a worthy sojourn in life.

 In fact
she parts with
a part of her life and
even the most fertile imagination
can’t ever
create anything
more sublime and sacrificing
than a MOTHER!!!!


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