My journey – The Forbidden City in China

Two of the magnificent landmarks of I will start with the Temple of Heaven. It is a 273 hectare well preserved heritage compound mostly covered with centuries old trees. The Temple Structure in one part of the estate is a round wooden marvel. It is very tall and made of wood but not a single nail has been used. It was used for sacrifice to Heaven and the Chinese people are as religious and superstitious as people of most other countries.

The Imperial Palace is popularly known as the Forbidden City in China. Located in the heart of Beijing City, it is the largest and best preserved royal abode in the World. It has more than 10,000 chambers inside. It is called the forbidden city because it is as big as a city and nobody but the monarch and his family had access to it. It is constructed in a series on a North South axis. From the front entrance to the last outer wall it is almost seven kms and one can guess the enormity of the structure. It will take days even to see the entire compound and months to examine the thousands of works of art and culture in the museum.

The unbelievably preserved terracotta army of Xian in North West China is as monumental as the Pyramids of Egypt. The excavators also deserve kudos for the discovery and recovery of the army intact.

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