My mother tongue Malayalam

Another week…..but a different one. You will know why.

Basically our people are like frogs in the well. They don’t want to go out and explore the World. Quite happy with the known environs.

If they get a job outside, as early as possible they will manage a transfer back to their cocoon.

Almost a static lifestyle. Sometimes we feel like aliens in the midst of our own colleagues.

When I got back to Kerala after several decades, my own friends refused to accept me. They assumed that I had grown too big for them.

And my language of course had liberal sprinkling of English and Hindi words. That made the distance more.

I had to speak slowly to stick to Malayalam and my own friends thought I was flexing my muscles.

I was sad. In a way shattered. I longed to mix with my good old friends with open arms and heart.

It didn’t work. I was kept aside, so to say. A near untouchable.

And my mother tongue Malayalam had lost its chastity. So many intruders ravished the language. I had to struggle to adjust.

The plethora of slangs like puttady, thallu, thepu, oola, chunk, katta and kalippu made it unrecognizable ..literally SLANGYALAM.

I felt like living in Kasargod where you get a mixture of Malayalam Kannada and Tulu almost in equal proportion. They throw in occasionally a Konkani word too.

A vey small State but almost an unfathomable reservoir of diversity. That’s my God’s Own Country for you.

Funny thing is we were not aware of the new emerging Malayalam in Bombay/Mumbai. That’s why it was a shocker for the Native on Return !

I started writing a regular Facebook column way back in 2013. As a reader I know my write-ups are not bad.

This self assessment keeps me going and I tell you I read many of my columns again and again.

I don’t get bored or tired.

The great Kushwant Singh qualified my writing UTTERLY BUTTERLY DELICIOUS. His 1983 letter is safe with me.

But I’m fed up with your indifference. Hence my English columns will henceforth be only in my blog REFLECTIONS.

They will remain weekenders.

And on Wednesdays, I will have a Malayalam piece.

I have no apprehensions. I started writing in KUTTIKALUDE DEEPIKA while in school. My first major publication in Malayalam was in the Sunday Supplement of DEEPIKA way back in 1963. If I continued….???

Read and enjoy. A sample will be posted soon….

Thank you for the patience and forbearance.

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