Living on Planet Earth for full 26229 days !! But then 8743 days I was asleep and 1095 days of my babyhood was a plain wash out.

After the accident I was put out by the doctors for eight hours and that is the only loss I regret because by the time I got my bearings back, so many things had happened : on me, in me, around me and away from me.

My next book, SENTINEL is almost ready and I expect it to be out before in November / December. And I tell you, reading and re-reading the manuscript is a big yawn……. and I’m tired.

I think I was destined to be a doctor but somehow missed out. I say this because I just cannot read my own handwriting !

Still, as Paulo Coelho said the whole World is conspiring to make me succeed in a September 5th ,  the birth anniversary of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan is celebrated asTEACHERS’ DAY.And it is not just a day to pay homage to the late phillosopher President of India, but also to pay respects to all the teachers.

There is no job in this World nobler than teaching.

Personally speaking I remember all my teachers right from Raman Pillai Sir who put me through the vidyarambham drill. But for their care, love and blessings I would have reached nowhere. I think they stillshow me the way.

Teachers are the one lot who selflessly and tirelessly serve humanity.

And on this Teachers’ Day I salute all teachers (my teachers and my daughter teacher included).