Sentinel – Kindle Edition

Ravindran Malayil is an avid traveler and introspective thinker who loves visiting exotic locales like Titlis, Jungfraujoch, and Nice. In a fascinating travelogue filled with insightful anecdotes, Malayil transports others on a journey around the world while vividly describing such places as the eight Hindu temples in the Maharashtra state of India, the Cologne Cathedral in Germany, the Great Wall of China, Monaco and Monte Carlo, Paris, the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China, and Varosha, the abandoned tourist resort in Cyprus. Sprinkled throughout his travelogue are Malayil’s musings and poems about such diverse topics as the loss of his younger brother, the effects and symptoms of dementia, the cataclysmic transformation that has come over him over the years, his ever-changing reading habits, and the special teacher who taught him a valuable life lesson. Sentinel shares thoughts and colorful descriptions of exotic locations around the world as one man looks both inward and outward while reflecting on his life and travels.