The coffee flower

Morning I had a pleasant surprise.

For quite some time now I have been waxing eloquent on my robusta coffee plant.

This morning while clearing the weeds around the plant I noticed that it is going to flower in a few days.

The day the flowers bloom, the entire neighbourhood will know it. The fragrance of the coffee flower is intoxicatingly sweet.

And it will last two to three days. I’m sure it will once again teleport me to my childhood and the ancestral house and coffee plantation.

It’s in a way painful to recall those days. Every grain of sand in my native place has colourful memories etched into it.

All those grains put together moulded me over years.

All in the past….beyond reach now. But the throbbing old heart longs to tread back to those days, weeks, months and years.

Just plain exercise in futility….

But the soon to bloom coffee flower will add some welcome relief…