The year 1969. Place Kerala University, Thiruvananthapuram.



The year 1969.
Place Kerala University, Thiruvananthapuram.
And what I’m holding in my hands is my M.A .(Economics) Degree Certificate. Justifiably, making me one of the Senior most Economists in India.

At that point of time the present Governor of the Reserve Bank had not started schooling. And the present Finance Minister was not even a matriculate. That is destiny and it’s quirks. I remember the day when my Senior Officer asked me to put up a cutting of an article which I had written in a reputed Economic Journal.

But I tell you, I’m a very happy man today and I have my own little empire, with my angels for company and not answerable to anyone, weaving a beautiful fabric of contented life, setting my own pace and sequencing. The greatest plus perhaps is that I don’t swallow any medicine . And I still have normal eyesight. I have all the time to read. I have freedom to enjoy my favourite music. I have the ability to travel far and wide which I do often enough driving my own car when possible. I have already covered many countries and I intend to continue.

I’m a plain ordinary dreamer. Let me be with my dreams.